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Why Akamai Owners List Their Molokai Web Sites in Visitmolokai.com
  • With over 12,000 visitors each month, the Visit Molokai web site is the most popular reference on the web about our beautiful island.
  • It is always displayed in the top 2 Google search results for keywords "Molokai", "Molokai, Hawaii", "Molokai, HI" and many other related keywords and phrases.
  • It is the only Molokai site displayed with Google site-links, which point to internal pages.
  • Visitors searching for Molokai accommodations, activities, services and products easily find exactly what they seek.
  • Nearly 2,000 other sites send their vistors here for information about Molokai.
  • Visitmolokai.com visitors are looking for Molokai specific information and services.
  • The site is run by folks who live on Molokai, so the information is accurate and current.
  • Visitmolokai.com successfully generates targeted traffic for your web site.

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What Are The Numbers?

150,000+ Visitmolokai.com web visitors per year
= 700,000+ Page displays per year
= 1,500-3,000 Visitors referred to your web site each year from your standard listing. That's a rate of 3-6 cents per targeted click.

Standard Listing - $95/year (free if we host your web site).
Includes a 30-40 word description of your accommodation, product or service written by our expert editors and a link directly to your web site.

Additional Advertising Opportunities
A standard listing is required before these additional options are available.

Rotating Ad - $95/year
Near the top of the right-hand column of every visitor center page is a 180X150 pixel, rotating ad slot. A limited number of ads (25) will be accepted to appear in rotation in this slot. Each time a page is displayed, the next ad in sequence is presented. When all 25 positions are acquired, each ad will display 26-30,000 times per year. When all 25 positions are not in use, the page display rate will naturally be higher.

Fixed Location Ad - Large $95/year, Small $55/year
Most pages have spots at the tops and bottoms of the data sections for one large 468X60 pixel fixed ad, and one small 234X60 ad. See example on the left. Based on current access statistics, these pages will see about 250-300 page views each month, which equates to less than 3 cents per viewer display for large banners and less than 2 cents each for the smaller ads.

Who Creates The Ads?
For Standard Listings, we create the text based on the content of your web site.

For Rotating or Fixed location ads, we will be pleased to create a design for you - or you can create your own. Either way the ads must be tasteful, fit the overall visitmolokai.com design scheme and be subject to editorial approval. If we create the ad, it's a $50 one-time fee.

The ad must fit the exact dimensions for the slot it's intended, must be JPG format and not exceed 75K bytes file size.

The following pages DO NOT have any fixed location ad slots;   Emergency Services, Government Offices, Accommodations, Transportation, History, Kalaupapa, Churches, any Contact Us forms.

Where's the best spot for my ad?
For fixed ads, a location on the same page with your Standard Listing will probably work best. The visitor has already taken the time to find your category, so you know he is a good candidate for your ad.

Top or bottom? Surprisingly, our research (and Google's) shows that ads at the bottom of a category perform as well as those at the top. When reaching the bottom after reading the page content, the visitor subconsciously thinks "what's next?" and they are presented with your ad, which takes them directly to you.

The Rotating Ads appear in the same spot on EVERY page, so your ad will be displayed randomly over the entire visitmolokai.com site. The pool size for the rotating ads is limited to 25, so your ad will appear at least 28,000 times per year if the ad pool has a complete compliment of 25. Naturally, the number of displays per year will increase if the ad pool is not filled.

Bonus!   Free Listings!

Every client with a Standard Listing receives Absolutely Free, a linked listing in two of our other Molokai web directories - Molokai-Aloha.com & Molokai-Beachfront-Condos.com

These sites see 35-40,000 visitors per year, all seeking Molokai visitor information. This translates to about 150-300 additional visitors to your site each year.

How Do I Pay?

When your ad begins appearing on the visitmolokai.com site, we will mail you an invoice. If you prefer, you may pay by credit card through our PayPal account. On your request, we'll send you an email to make the process easy. We will invoice you annually after that.

I Don't Have a Web Site Yet

That can be easily and reasonably remedied. Check with the folks at Web Sights Crafted. They have produced a gazillion outstanding web sites for Molokai businesses and they can certainly create a winner for you.

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