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There are many books about Molokai, Kalaupapa, Damien and the exiled souls he served. We have scoured the online book sources and find that some books are available on Borders Books and Barnes & Noble. However, amazon.com seems to have supplies when the others don't. So, we've located our suggested books on Amazon to make them easy to find.

Alan Brenert

Excellent novel that tracks the grim struggle of a Hawaiian woman who contracts leprosy as a child in Honolulu during the 1890s and is deported to the quarantined settlement of Kalaupapa.
The Colony
John Tayman

Outstanding tale of fear, endurance and hope in telling the story of the unfortunate victims of ignorance, who were exiled to Kalaupapa between 1866 and 1969.
Holyman - Father Damien of Molokai
Gavin Daws

Gavin Daws brings the secular historian's skill to this subject and has produced a truly balanced account of the life and work of Father Joseph DeVeuster.
Driving & Discovering Maui & Molokai
Richard Sullivan

Probably the best source for Maui & Molokai exploration information and beach details.
Portrait of Molokai
James H. Brocker

The best selling photo tour book about Molokai. Available online as used only.

The Portrait of Molokai book is available in shrink-wrapped-new condition only on Molokai. Ask for it at Molokai Fish and Dive, Molokai Drugs or Friendly Market.
The many talented Molokai musicians often share their skills with those who live on the island. However, if you can't be on Molokai for a performance, here are a few suggested CDs to bring their music into your home.

Hawaiian Blossom
Raiatea Helm

The third and perhaps the best album from the talented Molokai girl with the big voice.
Sweet & Lovely
Raiatea Helm

The album that introduced the world to the beautiful voice and style of the Molokai talent.
Old Style

The first of his solo albums to display traditional Hawaiian music and the guitar and vocal stylings of Molokai's Lono.
Treasure of Molokai
Na Mele o Kupuna

Every Friday night the kupuna (elders) gather at Hotel Molokai with ukulele and guitar to entertain. Here are some of their favorites. Not Available Online, but you can get a copy at Molokai Drugs when you're next on island.

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