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San Jose Mercury News

A mule ride into Molokai's storied history

Eric Noland, 03/21/2009

KALAUPAPA, Hawaii - A visit to Kalaupapa is the antithesis of sun-washed revelry in the Hawaiian Islands, but it's a story of human tragedy and bureaucratic atrocity that shouldn't be forgotten.

The status of this settlement as Kalaupapa National Historical Park, established in 1980 and overseen by the National Park Service, seeks to ensure that it isn't.

In 1865, Hansen's disease - as leprosy came to be known - was sweeping through the Hawaiian population. Panicked, the kingdom's government ordered that all persons who had contracted it be removed to a broad, flat peninsula on Molokai, one that backed up to a wall of towering sea cliffs....Entire Article

Washington Post

Hawaii's Last Refuge

Low-key, hype-free Molokai isn't for everyone. Which just may make it perfect for you.

By John Deiner, Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, February 15, 2004

Makaila Purdy stood beneath a tree dripping with macadamias and the remnants of a passing rain shower, three felines at her feet and a hammer in her hand. As I clopped about in the mud, she waved me over to a dilapidated table encircled by a mound of discarded nut shells.

"Come, come. Don't be shy," she said, surveying the six travelers standing before her at Purdy's Nut Farm, a roadside blip with a dirt-caked sign and parking for three cars. "Such a rainy day, and such a large crowd."

Large crowd? Please. On Molokai, a half-dozen isn't a crowd. It's a mob scene...Entire Article

New York Times

On Molokai, a Land Faithful to Its Roots

Adam Nagourney, April 17, 2005

It was described as a remote and stunning drive to the east end of Molokai. It might more accurately have been described as a drive to the end of the earth. On a staggeringly beautiful morning in February, the soft sunlight shimmering through the Hawaiian mountains, we set off on the 26-mile drive to the trailhead of a hike through the overgrown Halawa Valley, where low stretches of stone walls stand as the only archaeological evidence of the seventh-century settlement of temples and the taro patches that once thrived there....Entire Article

Seattle Times

Molokai, "the last Hawaiian place"

By Beverly Beyette, Los Angeles Times, November 18, 2007

Here on Molokai, the sleepiest of the major Hawaiian islands - the one that calls itself the "Friendly Isle" - a sign on the door of Friendly Market Center says, "Aloha spirit required here. If you can't share it today, please visit us some other time. Mahalo."

It's not that this family-owned market in Kaunakakai's downtown - a three-block stretch of low wood-front buildings - doesn't want business. It just doesn't welcome certain mainlanders.

"The visitors have been getting more rude and demanding," said Crystal Egusa, one of the managers. "They push to the front of the line screaming and yelling because things are not going their way. One visitor made my cashier cry by belittling her. We don't need that kind of business."....Entire Article

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