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In The Middle

L-R - Molokai Airport, MKK on your luggage tags - Airport exit sign evokes the feeling of the island - Rush Hour

L-R - Ancient Hawaiians built dozens of fish ponds on Molokai's south shore - Modern Hawaiians farm the land as well - Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove near Kaunakakai

L-R - Downtown Kaunakakai - The south shore east of Kaunakakai - Enlightening trip through the coffee fields on a mule-drawn wagon

Images on this site were contributed by Molokai residents Richard A. Cooke III, Dewitt Jones, Adrienne Jumper, Jeffrey Jumper, Maria Holmes, Vicki Underwood, Taryn Waros, Jenny Patten & Susan Forsberg. All Images are protected by US and international copyright laws.
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