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From The Air

L-R - Kaunakakai, Molokai's population center - Kamalo, and the remnants of the old wharf - Moa Ula Falls at the top of Halawa Valley

L-R - Mo'omomi and the northwest coast - Keonelele Beach by Mo'omomi - Three-mile-long Papohaku Beach

L-R - Named for a Fishing Sampan that sank off shore, Dixie Maru Beach is a local favorite - La'au Point, the southwest corner of the island - Hale O Lono Harbor on the southwest coast

Images on this site were contributed by Molokai residents Richard A. Cooke III, Dewitt Jones, Adrienne Jumper, Jeffrey Jumper, Maria Holmes, Vicki Underwood, Taryn Waros, Jenny Patten & Susan Forsberg. All Images are protected by US and international copyright laws.
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