Deserted, pristine, long, short, wide, narrow, white, tan, gray, black. Take your pick. Papohaku on the west end is one of the longest white sand beaches in the Hawaiian Islands. Stretching two miles, it is the perfect place for beach combing, jogging or just catching a few rays. If you’re looking for solitude by the ocean, this could be your answer. It is never crowded and many times you’ll find you have the entire beach to yourself. Also on the west end, fronting Kaluakoi Resort, is Kepuhi beach. A favorite of visitors and locals alike for surfing, sunning, fishing and when the ocean is calm, swimming.

Molokai doesn’t have the abundance of great swimming beaches that some of the other islands boast, but there are many beaches that offer safe, uncrowded swimming and snorkeling. Season and ocean conditions dictate which beaches will best suit your personal wishes. During the summer and fall the west end beaches, Kepuhi, Papohaku, Make Horse and Dixie Maru, are good choices. However, the winter ocean swells create monster waves that make dangerous albeit beautiful surf conditions.

The great thing about our beaches – there’s always another choice.

If the surf is pounding on the west end, the southeast beaches are normally perfect for that refreshing dip or tropical fish viewing excursion. Try Murphy’s Beach at mile marker 20 or Sandy Beach just beyond. Both are protected by Hawaii’s only barrier reef and offer safe swimming most of the year.

If you’re troubled because there is someone else on Your beach, just drive down the road and pick another. Perhaps Kawili beach in the beautiful Halawa Valley. It is safe for swimming when the ocean is calm, but has strong rip currents when the surf is up. Either way it’s always a quiet spot to relax and take in the beauty of Halawa.

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