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Molokai, Hawaii - The most hawaiian island
Molokai, Hawaii - Photo tour

Here’s your chance to see why we love this island and perhaps develop a feel for this special part of paradise.   Enjoy!

Each of the tours consists of 4-6 photos with narratives. Let’s cruise. You drive.

Photo tour 1 thumbnail

Molokai, Hawaii - Photo Tour 1
The soon to be world famous Molokai Airport, the Kaluakoi area, Hawaii’s longest white sand beach and other beautiful west end sights.

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Molokai, Hawaii - Photo Tour 2
A royal coconut grove, unusual highway maintenance equipment and a glimpse of metropolitan Kaunakakai.

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Molokai, Hawaii - Photo Tour 3
Gently lapping waves on the reef, more of Father Damien’s legacy, and the site of the earliest known Hawaiian settlement on Molokai. The east end is a delight for all the senses.

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Molokai, Hawaii - Photo Tour 4
The highest sea cliffs in the world separate this peninsula from the rest of the island. A place of stunning beauty, it’s been blessed by nature’s grandeur, and cursed by humanity’s ignorance and fear.

Photo tour 5 thumbnail

Molokai, Hawaii - Photo Tour 5
On the north shore, known on Molokai as “the backside,” the cliffs push the trade wind clouds up and over the Kamakou preserve. The moisture produced by this compression feeds the rain forest. A place of wonder and endangered native Hawaiian flora struggling to survive.

Photo tour 6 thumbnail

Molokai, Hawaii - Photo Tour 6
Molokai of itself, is special.

Her people make this island extraordinary.

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