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Photo - North shore, Molokai, Hawaii

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Each of the tours consists of 4-6 photos with narratives. Here’s your chance to see why we love this island and perhaps develop a feel for this special part of paradise.

Photo Galleries

Below are galleries of photos gathered from around our beautiful island. Each includes a manini (small) description to identify to subject.

Kepuhi Beach from Kaiaka Rock

West End

Beaches and other beautiful places on Molokai’s west end

Footprints on the beach at mile 20

East End

Molokai’s tropical east end.

Molokai Airport, MKK on your luggage tags

In The Middle

Molokai airport, a royal coconut grove, rush hour traffic, beautiful downtown Kaunakakai.


The Back Side

The world’s highest sea cliffs, Molokai rain forest, Kalaupapa settlement.

 Kaunakakai, Molokai's population center

From The Air

All around the island from a thousand feet up.

Kalaupapa Wharf


St Philomena, St Francis and Siloama churches, the Kalaupapa lighthouse & Saint Damien’s grave

 Lots of guests means plenny slippah


Slippahs, dancers, chicken on da grill & parades.


Lifestyle 2

Kids, & kupuna kane (grandfathers), graduations and flower leis

Molokai Hula Halau

Ka Hula Piko

On a Saturday in early summer, Molokai celebrates the birth of the hula, which occurred here eons ago.



Beautiful flowers and other delightful plant life.

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