I would like to know what the people who live on Molokai do for a living.
What opportunities are there for jobs?

Unlike the other islands in Hawaii, job opportunities on Molokai are scarce.
One of the island’s largest employers, Molokai Ranch, recently ceased operations and laid off 120 employees. That’s about 15% of the island work force.

In addition to the state and Maui County government offices and schools, other “large” employers include Coffees of Hawaii and the Monsanto corn seed company. additional employed folks work for the local small businesses like the two grocery stores, restaurants or retail stores. The remainder of the work force consists of people who are able to earn a living on small farms or working from home as artists, photographers, etc. Many supplement their income through sales of art, crafts or produce at the Saturday market.

In short, anyone who is thinking of moving to Molokai should bring their employment or lots of money with them or plan on working at two or more jobs, like many here do, to make ends meet.