Would you suggest places for leisure walking or hiking?

Most of the leisure walking areas are at or close to the beach. Papohaku Beach Park on the west end offers a small park and one of Hawaii’s longest white sand beaches. Many people walk or jog the road in that area because there is very little traffic and there are several accesses to other beaches. Also on the west end are a couple old dirt roads the have no traffic and lead to secluded beaches.

One Ali’i Beach Park on the south shore is a large, open, grassy park with a beach that offers nice strolling.

Near the Kalaupapa Lookout you’ll find a short trail through the forest to the phallic stone. A few hundred feet from the lookout parking area, you’ll find Pala’au State park.

The trail down to the Kalaupapa Peninsula is a spectacular walk, but you must take the tour when you reach the bottom. If you’re on Molokai, a visit to Kalaupapa and the tour should not be missed. The tour costs about $50. Visitors must be at least 16 years old.

Once a month the Nature Conservancy 808.553.5236, offers guided walks through the rain forest and also guided hikes of the dunes area of Mo’omomi.

At about 14 miles east of Kaunakakai is a dirt road that leads to Ilili’opae Heiau, an ancient hawaiin platform temple used for human sacrfices. About a 1/2 mile walk. Look for the hawaiian warrior sign on the highway.

There are also guided hikes available to Moa Ula Falls in the Halawa Valley on the east end. About $75 for a five hour cultural hike.