Molokai Dining – Editor’s Dining Reviews

Where to Eat on Molokai – Reviews

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The editors help you decide where to eat on the island.

Restaurants that would be categorized as “fine dining” elsewhere in Hawaii or the rest of the world do not exist on Molokai. However, one can eat well here just don’t set your expectations too high.

Because dining is such a subjective experience, we scored the island’s eating choices compared to other places on Molokai rather than compared to dining options elsewhere in the world.

We live here and eat at the places often, so these are our scores based on many experiences. Your mileage may vary.

Only Paddler’s Inn and Hiros Grill at Hotel Molokai accept credit cards. ALL others require cash or travelers checks.

$ – $$$$ – Indicates price level compared to other places on Molokai.
Q – QQQQ – Indicates quality level compared to other places on Molokai.
A – AAAA – Indicates ambiance and atmosphere compared to other Molokai eateries.

Molokai Pizza Cafe

$$$, QQQ, AAA
Excellent pizza, great sub or pocket sandwiches, tasty plated dishes, daily specials. Air-conditioned.

Molokai Burger

$$$, QQ, AAA
Average burgers, fries and milk shakes. Nice white-tiled decor, air-conditioned.

Paddlers Inn

$$$, QQQ, AAA
Nice plated dishes, burgers, sandwiches, full meals. Comfortable bar.


Kanemitsu’s Bakery

$$, QQ, AA
Breakfast only, usually pretty good. Pastries & Molokai French Bread. Atmosphere is very Molokai local.

Mrs K’s

$$, QQQ, AA
Burgers, sandwiches, plate lunches. Basically take-out, but there are a few tables outside.

Big Daddy’s

$$, QQQ, A
Filipino & Local plate lunches. Take-out, but there are a few tables inside.

Maka’s Korner

$$$, QQQ, AA
Burgers, plate lunches, local favorites. Umbrella tables outside.

Sundown Deli

$$, QQQ, A
Nice selection of sandwiches and soup. Pretty much take-out only.

Kamoi Snacks

$$$, QQQ, A
Umpteen selections of Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream. Take out only.

Hiros ‘Ohana Grill

$$$$, QQQ, AAAA
Hotel Molokai Restaurant. Good food, cocktails. Right on the beach.

Manae Goodz n Grindz

$$, QQQ, AA
Good plate lunches, sandwiches and burgers. Take-out with some outside tables. Only eats on the east end.

Kualapu’u Cookhouse

$$$, QQQ, AAA
Tasty local choices for breakfast & lunch. Excellent dinner specials.

Coffee of Hawaii

$$$, QQQ, AAA
Sandwiches, pastries, desert drinks, comfortable lanai dining area.